Release Cycle

The Drupal WxT 7.x-1.x branch will be updated with a stable release approximately once a month roughly around the 18th. The reason for this is to follow as closely the Drupal security and core release cycle which is usually the 15th of every month.

There will be no more new features integrated into the 7.x-1.x branch unless those requested to be merged back into it to provide stability and a focus on production quality for this branch.

The Drupal WxT 7.x-2.x will be where the new work on the Bootstrap integration will begin. The whole process will be outlined in the roadmap section. This branch should not be used in production environments at this point.

Update Process


You should only ever upgrade from one version to the next sequential version!

Consistently check both the and files for up-to-date information on the Drupal WxT releases.

It is inadvisable to skip versions as certain update hooks expect the existence of certain files that might not exist in subsequent releases. Additionally do not manually update modules within distributions! Drupal Distributions contain a carefully selected set of module versions along with specific patches. You should never update individual modules within a distribution unless you are an experienced developer. In the end just stick to the release cycle as it will save you a lot of headache.

  • First and most importantly backup your database. (e.x. drush arb)
  • Additionally copy your sites folder by moving it from the virtual host path to a backup location
  • Extract the latest stable release of Drupal WxT into your virtual host path
  • Copy your sites directory into the new folder
  • Run drush updatedb
  • Run drush cc all
  • Ensure all of the WetKit Features are in a reverted state
  • For customization of default WetKit features so they remain in a reverted state please use: Features Override
  • You have now successfully updated!